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Develop, Stretch, Shape, Calf Muscles!

Voted The Best Calf Machine!



» Helps Strengthen Tibialis Anterior

» Helps Develop Achilles Tendon

» Great For Athletes

» Great For Rehabilitation 

Extreme Calf Machines

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Extreme Calf Machine I

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Extreme Calf Machine II (Most Popular)

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Single Leg Calf Machine

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► Great for athletes. Helps to strengthen Tibialis Anterior to prevent aching shin splints, develop strength, endurance, balance and flexibility. Along with increased agility, maneuverability, circulation and vertical jump.

► Great for rehabilitation strengthens ankles eversion and inversion movements, Achilles tendon, increased stretch and circulation.

► Develop a greater range of motion and isolate to target specific areas of the calves.

► Perform standing, seated, or single calf raises.

► Portable which makes it great for personal trainers.

► Easy to use, lightweight, strong, durable, portable and Non-Skid surface.

► Helps increase the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the calves.

► Helps develop, shape, stretch, tone and rehabilitate the calf and Achilles Tendon.


I recently tried the Extreme Calf Machine and I have NEVER experienced a complete movement with total contraction at both the top and bottom of the movement. I am looking forward to my new calf development using my new Extreme Calf Machine. . .
Richard Jones, NPC, USA Winner Overall

I have been using Roger Stewart's Calf machine for the past year and will continue to train with it for the Masters Mr. Olympia. It's a great piece to have, easy to carry around and can be set up anywhere. A must for gyms- I have two. I stretch every time I leave the garage. . .
Lee Apperson, I. F.B. B. Professional

Ouch!! It seems to be working. I've only been on it for four workouts and I can already start to see it working. A lot of blood is getting to the muscle. I am very happy . . .
Maurice Sandoval, MaxMuscle Stockton

I have to say when I use Roger Stewart's Extreme Calf Machine, it's the BEST workout for my calves, bar-none! I love to use it under the Smith Machine. . .
Terril David, Baton Rouge, LA

I feel the contraction right when I start the upward movement. My calves are harder and more cut than ever before....close to a quarter inch in 6 weeks after training 4 days a week. The single leg calf raise is killer . . .
Armand Basilico, Williamsburg, VA

I could feel the workout I got from the Extreme Calf Machine was one of intensity. The wider range of motion that it provides makes a big difference over normal calf exercises. The Extreme Calf Machine is effective and easy to use. I made it an integral part of my workout. . .
Brian Uhl, World Gym Orlando